In remembrance of the Armenian Genocide, we are proud to announce the launch of a major multi-year campaign:

The Living Century Initiative. 


Through the Living Century Initiative, we are establishing 10 forests in northern Armenia that are aligned with the  major Western Armenian communities that were devastated by the Genocide. We invite you to join Armenians  from around the world to sponsor trees in living memory and in honor of your relatives and their ancestral  communities. Living Century gives you the opportunity to plant the new Moush, Kharpert or Marash forest, or  wherever your family roots may have been.


Please consider a gift of $100 to sponsor a Cluster of trees, $200 for a Grove, $800 for an Arbor of trees, or even a  single tree for $20. Your support will underwrite our plantings for the Living Century Initiative in the upcoming fall  planting season and beyond. You could plant a tree for each family member or in support of the initiative for other  occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.


The 10 Living Century forest sites correspond to regions in historic Armenia and will be planted in the Shirak, Lori and Kotayk regions of modern Armenia. They focus on areas where ATP has been planting forests since 2004. Our  team has met with the local community leaders, and they are excited to work with us to establish these new forests as links to our ancestral homeland. 


We hope you will join us in this celebration of life and perseverance through the planting of new forests throughout Armenia.