Plant your Cilicia forest in Gogaran, Lori Region
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  Gogaran is one of the oldest villages in the region of Spitak. It is located in the southern lowlands of Mt. Bazum which is about 1,950 m above sea level. The village is 35 km away from the regional center, and 5 km away from the Vanadzor–Gyumri highway.

Gogaran’s historical and cultural monuments include old cemeteries and a 17th century church. The villagers have water for drinking as well as for irrigation. The winters are cold and summers and mild and breezy. The mountainous terrain supports the growth of almost all kinds of herbs. Many of the villagers can trace their lineage back to Mush, Alashkert, and Karabakh.


Kharpert 3330 trees
100% Complete
Cilicia 878 trees
26.366366366366% Complete
Constantinople 687 trees
20.630630630631% Complete
Sebastia 650 trees
19.51951951952% Complete
Bitlis 617 trees
18.528528528529% Complete
Erzurum 554 trees
16.636636636637% Complete
Diyarbakir 531 trees
15.945945945946% Complete
Kars 519 trees
15.585585585586% Complete
Van 503 trees
15.105105105105% Complete
Aturpatakan 324 trees
9.7297297297297% Complete
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