Plant your Kars forest in Saralanj, Shirak region
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 Saralanj Saralanj is a small village in Shirak region. It is situated in the northwestern foothills of Mt. Aragats and is about 5 km away from the regional center of Artik. The winters last 5-6 months with a lot of snow and strong winds. This hillside village was founded by people from Kars, Karin and Mush after the Russo-Turkish war from 1828-1829. Currently, the village has a population of 1,300 and 350 households. The village is rich with architectural monuments dating back to the 5th century. Agriculture is the main source of income.


Kharpert 3330 trees
100% Complete
Cilicia 878 trees
26.366366366366% Complete
Constantinople 687 trees
20.630630630631% Complete
Sebastia 650 trees
19.51951951952% Complete
Bitlis 617 trees
18.528528528529% Complete
Erzurum 554 trees
16.636636636637% Complete
Diyarbakir 531 trees
15.945945945946% Complete
Kars 519 trees
15.585585585586% Complete
Van 503 trees
15.105105105105% Complete
Aturpatakan 324 trees
9.7297297297297% Complete