Plant your Sebastia forest in Akunk, Kotayk Region
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 Akunq Akunk, formerly Bashgyukh, is a village in the Kotayk region of Armenia. The total population of the village is 1957 in a territory of 23.7 square kilometers. The community has a school, a house of culture, and a library. Its altitude is 1400 meters above sea level.  It was established in 1829 by Armenians who had migrated from Persia and Western Armenia. After  the village was privatized, villagers became busy with growing grain and fruit and breeding cattle.

Kharpert 3330 trees
100% Complete
Cilicia 878 trees
26.366366366366% Complete
Constantinople 687 trees
20.630630630631% Complete
Sebastia 650 trees
19.51951951952% Complete
Bitlis 617 trees
18.528528528529% Complete
Erzurum 554 trees
16.636636636637% Complete
Diyarbakir 531 trees
15.945945945946% Complete
Kars 519 trees
15.585585585586% Complete
Van 503 trees
15.105105105105% Complete
Aturpatakan 324 trees
9.7297297297297% Complete